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Short sleep duration linked to subclinical atherosclerosis


WHO releases list of 10 threats to global health

4000 middle age adults were studied. Adults who sleep less than 6 hours a night were likely to get narrowing of the carotid artery (main blood vessel to the brain).

Reference - Journal of American college of cardiology – 2018



Air pollution and climate change, non-communicable disease, threat of global influenza pandemic, drought and conflicts, anti-microbial resistance, Ebola and high thread pathogens, weak primary care, vaccine hesitancy, dengue and HIV infections.

Reference. WHO bulletin 2018


Mediterranean diet named as top diet in 2019


Dietary fibre with whole grains associated with lower disease risk.

The Mediterranean diet low in red meat, sugars, saturated fats and high in nuts, legumes and fish with a splash of olive oil has been chosen the best diet pushing DASH diet to the second place.

Reference. US news and world reports.



Including whole grains in the diet reduce the risk for cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Ref. Lancet – Jan 2019


New lipid guidelines addresses non statin therapy and personalized risk assessment


Calcium and vitamin D supplements did not prevent fractures in elders

The American heart association has released updated guidelines for cholesterol management.

Reference. Circulation – Nov 2018.



In 33 studies involving more than 50,000 adults older than 50 years supplements of calcium and vitamin D over 5 years did not reduce the risk for fractures.

Reference. JAMA 2018.


Does Acetaminophen( Paracetamol)  exposure during pregnancy lead to Autism in children?


Vitamin D and Omega 3 fail to prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Some studies have shown consumption of paracetomol  for more than 28 days during pregnancy can lead to Autism in children later in life.

Reference. Journal of Paediatrics 2018



26,000 men and women above the age of 50 were randomized to receive vitamin D, Omega 3 supplements and placebo. The study was conducted over a period of 5 years. The supplement did not reduce the risk for heart attacks or cancer.

Reference. New England Journal of Medicine 2018.

Guidelines for physical activity


Coffee consumption with some health benefits

Children between 3 to 5 should be active throughout the day.

Children between 6 to 17 at least 1 hour per day aerobic plus muscle strengthening

Adults – 3 to 5 hours per week including strength training for 2 days a week

Older adults should include balance training.

Reference. JAMA 2017.



Regular coffee or decaffeinated had the same benefit.

Low heart attacks, cancer and type 2 diabetes

Consumption during pregnancy leads to fetal loss and low birth weight babies.

Post-menopausal can lead to osteoporosis.

Reference. BMJ 2017

Olive oil is associated with lower stroke risk.


Viewing TV before bed time with violent content affects children’s sleep.

7600 subjects were followed up for 5 years. All were more than 55 years of age. There was a 41% reduction in stroke in those  who consumed olive oil.
Reference - Neurology. June 16 2007, Physicians first watch.

Those children who watched TV, Video, Computer games after 7 PM reported more sleep disturbances.
Reference - Pediatric Journal Watch – 28 June 2011

Vegetarian high fiber diet lead to lower risk for diverticular disease (large intestine disease).


Smoking is associated with bladder cancer.

According to BMJ, 47000 subjects were followed up for 12 years. One third were vegetarian. 30% lower risk of diverticular disease was seen in vegetarians.

Reference- BMJ. July 2011-343.


Current smokers had 4 fold and ex smokers had 2 fold increased incidence of bladder cancer. This is true for women and has been shown in a 10 year study of 4,50,000 women between the age of 50 and 71.
Reference- JAMA 2011 306(7).

Excessive red meat connected with kidney cancer.


Spirituality reduces depression. Now proved.

It is not clear whether the red meat itself or the microwave cooking is responsible for kidney cancer in subjects who consume excessive red meat. A 19% higher incidence was seen in these subjects.
Reference- American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 2011.


In a 10 year study, it has been shown that spirituality reduces depression both in parents and their children.
Reference- Journal watch Psychiatry. Sep 19 2011

Vit -E associated with increased prostate cancer.


Just a few drinks a week increases breast cancer risks

Men who received Vit-E 400 IU had a 17% increased incidence of prostate cancer.
Reference: JAMA – 2011-306.


A 15% increase in the incidence of breast cancer was seen in women who consumed 3 to 6 glasses of wine per week.
Reference- JAMA. 2011-306(17).

Yoga and stretch exercises both have equal benefit in low back ache


Adverse Drug Events (Side effects of drugs) causes frequent hospitalization in elders.

The improvement in symptoms and mobility was seen for several months in both forms of treatment.
Reference- Archives of Internal Medicine. Vol. 171. Dec-2011.


1.5% of all emergency admissions  in hospital is related to drugs like anti diabetic drugs, anti clotting drugs etc. in elders.
Reference-Journal watch hospital medicine. Nov 23 2011



Long term health risk after gastroenteritis from contaminated drinking water.


Bystander Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

Acute gastroenteritis due to E-colli was associated with increased long term risk for high blood pressure, heart and kidney complications according to a BMJ study. About 2000 adults were tracked for 8 years after an episode of gastroenteritis in Canada. The E-colli toxin has possible receptors in kidney which might explain the long term outcome.
Reference - BMJ-2010;341;C020.

Chest compression alone is as good as CPR with artificial breathing. Since artificial breathing is not required, it will encourage bystander to undertake chest compression without concern. Several lives can be saved by adopting only chest compression.
Reference - NEJM-2010-July

Kidney denervation lowers blood pressure in uncontrolled hypertension.


Rice intake as risk for development of diabetes.

Catheter based denervation (removing the nerve supply) of the kidney dramatically lowers blood pressure in uncontrolled hypertension. This was studied in 100 patients who had poor control of blood pressure (more than 160/100) in spite of taking 3 drugs.

Reference - The Lancet - Vol 376, issue 9756, Dec-2010.


Substituting brown rice for white rice lowers the risk for diabetes.
Reference –Archives of Internal medicine.2010 - June

Almost quarter of bowel cancers could be avoided by lifestyle changes.


Pesticide and attention deficit/hyperactive disorder.

Making simple lifestyle changes decreases colorectal (large intestine) cancer risks. According to a BMJ study, 55,000 middle aged DANES were studied for 10 years. The lifestyle changes recommended were :- not smoking, daily exercise for at least 30 minutes, avoid heavy drinking, eating a healthy diet and waist circumference control less than 40 inches for man and less than 35 inches for woman.
Reference: BMJ-2010; 341; C5504.


Children are exposed to orgonophosphorus pesticides primarily found in food and drinking water. These pesticides are harmful to the development of brain. A study in 1138 children shows a possible link between attention deficit / hyperactive disorder to pesticide exposure.
Reference: Pediatrics. June-2010.

How much exercise is required to prevent weight gain in middle aged women?


Kidney donation is safe.

34,000 women were studied and it was found that 1 hour of moderate exercise is required daily to prevent weight gain.
Reference: JAMA – 2010.


80,000 live donors were studied for more than 10 years and were compared with healthy controls. There was no difference in the long term death or complication rate.
Reference: JAMA. Mar-2010.

Pipe and cigar smoking – are they better?


Population based benefit of salt reduction.

There is no safe dose of tobacco. It is harmful in any form. Both pipe and cigar smoking can lead to reduced lung function.
Reference:Annals of internal medicine, Feb-2010.


Daily intake of 3 grams of less salt could lower the annual cardiac risk and strokes. It can prevent 60,000 to 1,20,000 cases of heart attacks, 32,000 to 62,000 cases of strokes and 40,000 to 90,000 deaths. This has been estimated in the US population. Even reduction by 1 gram of salt could prevent 15,000 to 32,000 deaths.
Reference: NEJEM. Jan-2010.

BP lowering drugs and prevention of heart disease and strokes.


Poor sleep in adults leads to high BP.

Reduction in BP of 10mm systolic and 5mm diastolic with any group of drugs reduces the risk of heart attacks & strokes by 22% and 41%. This was shown in a meta analysis of 147 randomized trials involving 4,64,000 patients in U.K.
Reference - BMJ, May-2009.

Looks like a well known fact but proved only now.
Reference: Archives of Internal Medicine

Risk scores to identify people at risk for diabetes who might benefit by intervention.


Anti oxidant supplements (vitamin-c, vitamin-e) blunts the effect of exercise.

Family history of diabetes, hypertension, older ages more than 55, black race, smoker, large waist circumference, short stature, rapid resting pulse and over weight.

People with the above scores have 50% chance of getting diabetes in next 10 years.
Reference – Annals of internal medicine – June-2009.


Regular exercise increases insulin sensitivity and decreases the risk of diabetes. If anti oxidant supplement are given (Vitamin-C, Vitamin-E) it blunts the benefit of exercise. Whereas diet rich in fruits and vegetable lowers the risk of diabetes.
Reference –Proc Nata Aca Sci – USA May 2009.

Components of Mediterranean Diet which reduces mortality (increase life span)


Watching television in childhood leads to high chance of asthma

A.     Lower intake of meat

B.     High consumption of vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and mono-saturated fats (Olive oil)

C.    Moderate consumption of alcohol.

Reference – BMJ, June-2009.


Young children exposed to television more than 2 hours per day had twice the chance of Asthma compared to other children.
Reference: Thorax Pediatric March 2009

Benefit of red yeast rice


Moderate alcohol consumption leads to higher cancer risk in women.

Treatment option for those patients who cannot tolerate statins (Cholesterol lowering drugs) Red yeast rice contains naturally occurring lovastatin which lower cholesterol.
Reference – Annals of internal medicine – June-2009.


No level of alcohol is safe in women from the stand point of cancer. Even low to moderate consumption is associated with increased risk of several cancers
Reference –Journal of National Cancer institute – Feb 2009.




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