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What is the Structure of the Kidney ?

The Kidneys are two bean shaped organs weighing about 150 grams each located in the loins.
Structure of Kidney Structure of Kidney
Each kidney is made up of about 1 million microprocessor units called Nephrons.

The kidneys receive about 25% of the heart's output of blood per minute ( i.e about 1.25 liters). About 180 liters of fluid is filtered through the Nephrons and only about 1.5 liters comes out as urine. The rest is reprocessed and reabsorbed in the Nephron. The urine coming out of the kidneys is carried by the ureter to a reservoir called the Urinary Bladder. Once the bladder gets distended, there is an urge to pass urine and the brain gives the command to initiate urination if the social circumstances permit. Normally protein / albumin do not get filtered through the Nephrons. Hence presence of protein / albumin in the urine would indicate early damage to Nephrons.

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